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Our Story

Kickstand brings stability to growth brands in the high-stakes, fast-paced tech sector. Leaning on the combined 20+ years of marketing and communications experience of founders Molly George and Kristina Kennedy, we help today’s most innovative brands — from promising startups to Fortune 500 staples — scale and navigate the communications challenges that come with growth in the 21st century.

Molly made a name for herself guiding some of Austin’s most well-known B2B brands through periods of significant growth including an IPO, while leading internal data and sales enablement programs to measure the effectiveness of and drive improvements across marketing, sales and client service organizations. Meanwhile, Kristina was putting her MIT MBA to good use on the East Coast, building and scaling marketing teams from the ground up, and successfully launching countless consumer tech brands into market.

After years of working in-house at some of the country’s leading startups, we pooled our complementary expertise and set out to create a better agency. Today, every Kickstand client benefits from the perfect balance of consumer-driven creativity and B2B-backed client insights and sales enablement.


Our Approach

We bring an MIT mentality to PR. From our media pitches to our content and social strategy, we combine creativity and market-validated data to inform every program recommendation. The result? Bigger, better results — every time.

Taking a scientific approach, we formulate hypotheses that can be rapidly tested in market. The results drive continuous learnings back into our programs, helping us get closer to the bullseye with every effort. This constant iteration provides us with a clear understanding of what works for every client, and empowers us to bring new insights and ideas to the table before our clients even have to ask for it.

That analytical, proactive thinking shapes every aspect of our agency, from our hiring and media monitoring capabilities to our client reports, and most importantly, the 30+ research campaigns we’ve nurtured from ideation to execution. Those efforts have garnered hundreds of media placements, thousands of new business leads and hundreds of thousands visitors to our clients’ websites and social profiles. Just wait until you see what we can do for you.

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Our Team

  • Molly George
    Molly George Partner, CEO

    Owner of Kickstand’s furriest team member and four-legged mascot, Cooper.

  • Kristina Kennedy
    Kristina Kennedy Partner, COO

    Strong proponent of making denim jackets part of the official Kickstand uniform.

  • Kim Karelis
    Kim Karelis Vice President
  • Sonia Segal-Smith
    Sonia Segal-Smith Account Executive

    Ditched the lawyer life, but can still lay down the law on why Patriots football reigns supreme.

  • Maddie Devore
    Maddie Devore Assistant Account Executive

    Believes all of life’s problems can be solved with chocolate and a bubble bath.

  • Elisabeth Deutsch
    Elisabeth Deutsch Finance Director

    Has probably accomplished more by 6 AM than most people do in a full day.

  • Emily Ballard
    Emily Ballard Assistant Account Executive

    Firm believer that Ross and Rachel were, in fact, NOT on a break.

  • Beth Gibbons
    Beth Gibbons Account Manager
  • Tracey Workman
    Tracey Workman Account Director
  • Britney Cox
    Britney Cox Assistant Account Executive
  • Ally Rung
    Ally Rung Assistant Account Executive
  • Michael George
    Michael George Business Development Manager
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