Client Challenge

Square Root creates Store Relationship Management (SRM) software that helps auto and retail enterprises turn information into action, but the company’s sales team consistently faced the challenge of inactive problem recognition among prospects.

Our Hypothesis

If we could drive awareness around the existence and impact of the problem, and position Square Root as the solution, then we would be able to create more urgency among prospective buyers.

The Test

Kickstand developed and executed on a cross-channel campaign, conducting a national survey of businesses to highlight the cost of data chasing across industries. Findings were released to media and on social, and an accompanying infographic and blog content was created.


The campaign served as a perfect example of using PR success to drive business success.  A year after the initial campaign, The Data Chasers Challenge is still used in every Square Root sales conversation, and the company’s CEO has presented the findings on stage at two national conferences.


Square Root

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