This Mother’s Day: The Truth About Working Moms

By Kristina Kennedy At Kickstand, we are consistently acknowledged for the robust benefits package we offer our working parents. But we are also consistently asked “why” we offer benefits unique to this group. Before we share the somewhat long answer to this question, here’s the short version: Because we should offer these benefits. Because not […]

COVID Stress Pulse: The Novelty Has Officially Worn Off

Public Relations and Digital Marketing

Quarantining is getting old. And each new day the isolation is harder and harder. That’s the key finding as we look at our fourth week of COVID data. While many stressors such as shifting to wfh, managing childcare and homeschooling, and Amazon not having prime shipping on something we want have seen peaks and valleys, some stressors have just gone up and to the right. And each of those have to do with socialization…or rather, the lack of it.

COVID-19 Study: Sports Fans Ready to Play Ball

A big conversation in the media this week has been whether — in light of COVID-19 — major sports leagues will find a way to play and exactly what that might look like. With that in mind, we wanted to get the perspective of fans to see how they think this is all going to play out. 

No-Strings-Attached Crisis Communications Help

Public Relations and Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 crisis is scary. It’s scary for our health, and it’s scary for our economy. But like in any crisis, we believe it’s also an opportunity to think deeply about who we are and double down on behaving in ways true to our values.