Behind the Logo: Linking Personal Branding to Business Success

Social media is an integral part of conducting business in the digital age. Beyond broader corporate accounts, executives and employees are now expected to leverage social platforms to build their personal brands, too. 


Everyone from potential buyers to job seekers uses social media to gather vital information about companies they’re interested in. Checking out a business’s social presence is now a critical part of the B2B vetting process, with buyers and investors searching for specific indicators of quality and trustworthiness. 


The value of showcasing authenticity on social media – both from branded and personal accounts – cannot be overstated. To understand the extent of social media’s impact on internal and external stakeholders, Kickstand and Pavilion surveyed hundreds of US-based tech executives, B2B buyers, job seekers, and tech investors.

Our Behind the Logo report provides answers to the following questions: 


  • What challenges do executives face in their personal branding efforts? 

  • How do buyers perceive the social media presence of brands and top executives? 

  • How do job seekers use social media to evaluate potential employers? 

  • What do investors look for on social when determining which businesses to add to their portfolio?

Check out the full, ungated report today to learn more about using social media to your fullest advantage. 

And contact Kickstand for more information on our brand and executive social media capabilities!

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