nuTonomy was a challenger brand in the autonomous vehicle space — a market at the peak of a hype cycle. An industry-first crisis created a media feeding frenzy, calling into question the viability of the market. But it also created a lane to share nuTonomy’s mission and values with the world.

Our Approach

Kickstand developed a differentiated and compelling platform for nuTonomy, focused on AV safety, transparency, and trust. That platform served as the foundation for a multi-channel program that centered on comprehensive media relations. In addition, Kickstand leveraged high visibility events as a springboard for reaching a large, yet targeted audience of investors, partners, prospects, and customers. 


  • More than 800 pieces of coverage, including top-tier press in The Economist, Bloomberg, LA Times
  • 10+ speaking opportunities secured for CEO, including WSJ Future of Everything, Financial Times Future of the Car, Fortune TECH Brainstorm, and Collision
  • Earned recognition as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the World
  • nuTonomy acquired by Aptiv for $450 million