COVID Stress Pulse: The Novelty Has Officially Worn Off

Quarantining is getting old. And each new day the isolation is harder and harder. That’s the key finding as we look at our fourth week of COVID data. While many stressors such as shifting to wfh, managing childcare and homeschooling, and Amazon not having prime shipping on something we want have seen peaks and valleys, some stressors have just gone up and to the right. And each of those have to do with socialization…or rather, the lack of it.

Media in the age of COVID-19

As a team of folks whose professional lives revolve around the media, we already have a particularly strong interest in this area. But we also had a hypothesis that Americans’ news and media consumption habits have likely shifted in light of the pandemic — so we took a closer look in our most recent COVID Pulse Survey to find out. 

The Great Work From Home Shift

In the last few weeks, companies around the globe found themselves suddenly making the shift to 100% remote, thanks to the spread and growing concerns related to COVID-19. In addition to our weekly COVID Pulse Survey, where we are taking a look at how COVID is impacting Americans’ stress levels, the research team at Kickstand also […]

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