Celebrating Data Privacy Week: Interview with Nicky Watson of Cassie

By Nora Panahi We live the vast majority of our lives online these days. The way we work, communicate with each other, shop, and so on takes place on any number of digital channels – which means the importance of data privacy isn’t an unfamiliar concept to us. Nobody wants their private information falling into […]

Happy tenth anniversary to Kickstand!

This month, Kickstand is celebrating our tenth anniversary! From our humble beginnings at a kitchen table to supporting some of the world’s most innovative brands, Kickstand has always set ourselves apart from the rest. Our commitment to unparalleled proactivity, supporting working parents, and empathetic leadership has been at the core of what we do since […]

Closing the Proactivity Gap in PR

By Molly George When I sit down with prospects, the biggest pain point I hear day in and day out about past experiences with PR agency partners is a lack of proactivity. Agencies tend to come in hot and operate with a high sense of urgency to impress new clients right out of the gate. […]

To Be or Not to Be: Can Generative AI Change PR?

By James Paasche “With great power comes great responsibility” might be a cheesy, popular superhero slogan masquerading as a general philosophy about the ethics of power, but cliches gain their status because there is a kernel of truth in them. And with the recent rise of generative AI tools, like ChatGPT and DALL-E, the hype […]

Five Tips for Navigating a Successful Crypto PR Program

By Ally Rung From Dogecoin to the collapse of FTX to the vision of a cashless society, the world of cryptocurrency can seem overwhelming and difficult to navigate, especially from a PR perspective. Macro conversations about the future of finance abound, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to feature client expertise and commentary on crypto. […]

Alternate Fridays: Behind Kickstand’s 4 Day Work Week Program

By Anna Craven At our Quarterly Business Review in May 2022, Kickstand’s Distributed Committee made a momentous announcement to the rest of the agency: every Kickstander, for the rest of the summer, was going to have every other Friday off.    Having monitored the four day work week’s growing popularity for some time, including the […]

Celebrating nine years of Kickstand!

Public Relations and Digital Marketing

This month, Kickstand is celebrating our nine year anniversary!  What began as a two-woman operation at a kitchen table in Texas is now a rapidly growing global team, with programs spanning North America, the UK, EMEA, and APAC. A recent honoree of the Inc. 5000 (and a proud one at that!), we can attribute our […]

Best PR Practices for Turbulent Times

Public Relations and Digital Marketing

By Rebecca Reese I’ll leave it to Johnny Cash to say what we all know, “Well, bad news travels like wildfire.”  The 2020s have been defined by headlines that are unsettling at best… but I don’t need to tell anyone that. As public relations professionals, we have to strike a balance between breaking through the […]

How we use our Mental Health Hours

By James Paasche “It is not a lunch break or a quick walk to get coffee. It is a full hour for YOU and that is forever needed in the crazy world of media and PR.” “Mental health hours give us the opportunity to remove a worry/task off our mental shelf.” In honor of Mental […]

Celebrating Our Clients’ Sustainability Efforts This Earth Day

By Amanda Montgomery On this Earth Day and beyond, sustainability should be an essential consideration for businesses as awareness and concern rises across all types of Earth-dwellers. And whether the intention is to better serve their customers or just pursue a personal passion, more and more companies are adopting sustainable practices and business tactics.   […]