What Kickstand Employees Are Most Excited About in 2023

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By Nora Panahi

As we celebrate the new year and bid adieu to 2022, the world is Kickstanders’ oyster! 


To ring in 2023, we asked Kickstand employees about their goals for the next twelve months, and we found there’s no shortage of professional and personal ambitions among our team. Here are just some of our resolutions: 


I want to be responsible for bringing in new business from my existing network. 


This year, I’m hoping to expand our influencer offerings and create more opportunities for our clients to tap into this growing sector. 


I want to connect in person with my coworkers more! 


My goal is to play a larger role in helping secure new business. I also want to help set up systems for turning project accounts into longer term retainers. 


I can’t wait to take on new challenges in client communications and content strategy! 


We learned that many of our goals wouldn’t be possible without Kickstand’s unique benefits, like our Education Grants and Alternate Fridays program: 


I want to use Kickstand’s Education Grant to take an entrepreneurship/business class at one of the universities here in Boston. I’m hoping to own and operate a business some day, and am so grateful that Kickstand gives us the resources we need to further our career development in PR and beyond. 


One of my big goals is to get my scuba diving certification this year. Alt Fridays will give me more time to do day dives and attend the courses I need to get certified! 


I would love to attend a Tech PR conference using the Education Grant to grow my media relationships and learn more about the trades I work in. 


I’m hoping to enroll in a women in leadership course later this year, and will likely tap the Education Grant to do so. 


I’d like to use my Alt Fridays to get some wedding planning done! 


I want to take an SEO course so I can both improve Kickstand’s web content and that of our clients. 


I’d like to use our Alt Fridays to spend more time actually folding the clothes that I end up leaving in the dryer – as well as spending time with my family and friends!


When it comes to personal growth in 2023, Kickstanders have the following aspirations: 


I want to be more intentional in all aspects of my life. Taking a second to slow down and think about a situation is highly beneficial for me, and I want to bake introspection into my daily routines. 


I’d like to publish more written pieces outside the world of PR.


My personal goals are to: 

  • Read 30 books (at least 50% from BIPOC authors and at least 50% from female authors) 

  • Travel to one new continent 

  • Hike 300 miles 

  • Pay off my student loans 

          I’m hoping to enroll in Spanish classes, cooking classes, and yoga classes! 

 And of course, there’s the dream that all Kickstanders share: 

          I would love to see our CEO Molly George go blonde – but that’s completely up to her! 

2023 is sure to be an exciting year in the world of PR as we tackle new challenges, help our clients navigate the current market environment and position them to come out on top. As we gear up for the year ahead, Kickstanders remain eager and dedicated to personal and professional growth – and maybe even a new hair color for our CEO.

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