Call it a Comeback: How Business Leaders are Planning for Success in 2024 Report

Calling 2023 a “tough year” would be an understatement. Companies across every industry had to hunker down and push through, resulting in budget cuts, layoffs, and disgruntled employees


To get a pulse check on how business leaders fared in 2023 and how they’re planning to take 2024 in stride, Kickstand surveyed over 600 US-based office workers employed full-time in management level or higher positions. We wanted to understand the budgeting trends and strategic outlooks that will come to shape the year ahead.



A few key callouts from the report: 


  • The majority of business leaders plan to invest in more AI and automation tools in 2024.  

  • Organizations are eyeing more strategic growth investments in marketing, sales, and customer success tactics – a key shift away from the “do more with less” and survival mentalities that dominated 2023. 

  • Leaders have a cautiously optimistic outlook for what 2024 has in store and are actively shaping strategies to protect revenue growth, sustainable business operations, and recruiting efforts.


Ready to see where business leaders’ priorities lie for the next year? 


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